The Urban Capital Fund

It's about time! 
         That's what we keep hearing about The Urban Capital Fund.  For so long, there has been so much talk about the idea of truly supporting the growth of Urban Based businesses.   Finally recognizing and supporting  the ideas, the talent, the passion, the vision the desire to grow a successful business.     Particularly, urban based companies and entrepreneurs, which often, in fact almost always, are burdened by the lack of growth capital.
        Urban Capital is managed by individuals who understand the Urban market and is supported by investors with the commitment and patience to see the challenge of creating a new paradigm through to its realizable goals.
       We're proud of our team and our investors and our partners.  They are putting their resources behind The Urban Capital Fund and are, as they say, Walking the Talk.
       We look forward to sharing more information about this exciting initiative and welcoming you aboard our team.  It won't always be easy and it won't always be without its challenges.  But it will be exciting and it will be rewarding and it will change people's lives in positive ways that help change the future.